This Site

Goal – to become a destination for gamers searching for well thought out games and a platform for developers happy to brave honest reviewing.

Our readers – have been playing games for some time and expect a certain level of craft from their games, and therefore game reviews. Discerning not snobby.

Pressures – we have none. Just write accurately and well.

FocusĀ – Strategy, RPG, builders and sims are the focus but great games cross genre preferences so everything is considered.

Articles accepted


Pay: $15-$25/article

Reviews & Previews – of PC games only. The site’s niche is strategy, RPG, builders and sims but really anything that might be a gem. Reviews should be timely and specifically cover games that mainstream sites will likely not cover.

Guides – on any game we cover. To maintain the integrity of the site we need original material from your own game expertise, not a compilation from available resources.

Other – idea? Pitch it. Weekly comic? Behind the scenes diary? We’ll consider anything interesting, funny or applicable to our niche.


Pay: $25-$50/article

In addition to the freelance topics above staff (generally designated after four published articles) may write about broader topics using their discretion.

Writing Expectations

Honesty – we want deep honesty. That requires insights a reader might not instantly agree with (the rest of the writing should make a case for why they should). It also means occasionally being harsh to something someone has spent years of their life building. You have to truly internalize being a protector of the consumer, not the developer, despite being a game fan yourself.

Respect the reader – you can assume a high level of game knowledge including terms and milestone titles. Don’t over elaborate, they know how to google if they care.

Briskness – cut out words. If you can remove a word and the sentence meaning remains then remove it. Reviews are first and foremost a resource and should be respectful of the reader’s time and illuminate as much as possible in the allotted space.

Personality – this can be difficult to achieve along with briskness but ideally a returning reader should recognize a review was written by you without looking at the byline. I want strong personalities so readers can follow whoever matches their preferences.

Humour – is great but make sure it’s ha-ha funny. Vaguely amusing is not worth the space. Don’t feel pressure to be funny if you’re not. Somewhere along the line ranting has been confused with humour. I blame Dennis Leary.

SEO friendliness – you should write in a perfectly natural manner. There are no requirements for inserting keywords or artificial mentions of other articles. But your writing must be compatible with how article quality is measured which mostly amounts to using as little passive voice as possible and limiting runon sentences.

This took me some getting used to, my naturally Yoda like way of writing was full of passive voice (as is this sentence). For what it’s worth adhering to the guidelines improves rather than hampers my writing. If you are unfamiliar with these conventions I can explain in further detail.

Authority – only write what you know about. And if you know it then write with confidence, no qualifiers or hedging required. Back up your opinions with objective observation but usually one example is enough. Examples are inherently boring.