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Does sweeping your cursor back and forth in search of hotspots fill you with serenity? Do you actually read the books you steal in RPGs before selling them? Here’s our always up to date list of the best adventure and narrative games reviewed by the site.

#1) The Mind’s Eclipse – a cyberpunk, dystopian adventure

highest rated adventure games 2018 - the mind's eclipse

The Mind’s Eclipse is a must play title. An especially engaging visual novel that will pull you deep into the story. It’s full of captivating characters, dialogue and locations. I found myself confronted by themes dealing with the conflict between morality and technology and the quest for immortality. All conveyed spectacularly in stark, detailed, black and white visuals set in a highly realised science fiction world.

It’s beautiful, disturbing to look at and will haunt you long after you reach its climax. Review by Chris McAuley

Lost Wife
Brilliantly written, story driven game dealing with heavy sci-fi issues. Great.

#2) Legendary Garry – What a wonderful, weird trip

adventure games - legendary gary for pcGames like Legendary Gary remind how inadequate consumer focused-reviews can be sometimes. The game is short. Branching conversations offer some limited replay value. While its combat system is great fun, it’s never expanded on enough to make the game worth recommending purely to experience it. But that stuff really isn’t the point here. It’s another trailer watcher, for me. If you love the music and the art, you’ll love Legendary Gary.

It’s creative, subtle, clever, emotional, funny, and just such a successful imagining of one artists highly specific vision for a project that it playing feels like having a conversation with its creator. Its flaws only highlight how human, and how personal, the game truly is. Review by Nic Reuben.

best adventure games pc 2018 - legendary gary
So many superlatives that it doesn’t matter some parts are off. Lovely trip into a creative person’s brain.

#3) Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts – for lovers of lore – 82

best narrative games 2018 - eselmir

I think people who love reading deep into their own favorite universes will find that this game scratches that itch. It’s essentially made for people who spend their time clicking links in Wookiepedia and any of the other countless lore databases on the internet. If you can look past the outdated UI and technical issues, enjoy reading, and don’t mind point and clicks, you’ll fall in love with Eselmir. Review by Caleb DeLaurentis

best point and click adventure games pc 2018 - eselir
If you love interesting lore and puzzles, this is a hand-made gem.

#4) I Fell From Grace – A rhyming adventure filled with sorrow and shame – 77

best adventure games 2018 - i fell from grace

I really want to get across how impressed I am with what I played. It kept me engaged and I’m honestly itching to try one or two more playthroughs. After 10 hours I only got 33% of the achievements, so there is a huge portion of this game I didn’t even touch. For fans of branching narratives, this is a must play. I enjoyed watching the consequences of my choices fully realized. Each storyline has a great pay off. It’s entertaining and enjoyable. I can see this game becoming a cult classic and I don’t understand its lack of traction. Despite its flaws, there is a good game here.

I want to give the game a higher score. If I only had to rate the storytelling elements, this would be a solid 90. However, the lack of mechanics that would allow for better re-play potential hinder players from enjoying the amazing level of detail put into these branching narratives. Review by Caleb DeLaurentis

best adventure games pc - i fell from grace
Absolutely brilliant branching story somewhat marred by annoying Adventure game conventions.

#5) The Novelist – Short but super impactful

best story games - the novelist

The Novelist is a narrative game with a bit of stealth, but if you’re not a fan of stealth mechanics there is a pure story mode where you don’t need to hide. This game explores the struggles we all go through to try and live our dreams while trying to stay firmly planted in the present reality. Stealth aside, the main story is one full of choice and consequence.

If you enjoy a quick, story-driven game where your decisions matter, this is a game for you. If you’re looking for a difficult stealth game, you won’t find it here. The Kaplans timeless struggles are something we can all relate to. Review by Emerald Siren.

best adventure narrative games pc - the novelist
Unique way to really get to know a family and to see how your choices impact their lives.

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