Games Not On Steam List

games not on steam

If you’re looking for:

  • commercial games that were never released on steam, this GoG list is huge and full of quality.
  • indie games that are generally more experimental you can wade through all that is
  • a mix of both, in a cheap monthly Netflix like subscription model Utomik has quite a bit.
  • free, open betas then Alpha Beta Gamer stays current.
  • completely independent games that aren’t available anywhere except directly, scroll down.

Rules for getting on the Games Not on Steam list:

  • must not be available on Steam (or GOG, Origin, Battlenet, Microsoft etc.)
  • uses a client (not a browser game)
  • english support
  • active community (if multiplayer)
  • isn’t utter shit

Price Key

  • F2O = No payment options available
  • F2P = Free to play but with in-game purchases
  • P2O = Pay once, play forever
  • SUB = Monthly Subscription

If you know any others please leave a message below so I can add – thank you.

0 A.D.RTSHistoricalF2O
AIONMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Artemis Spaceship Bridge SimulatorSpaceshipSci-FiP2Ogames not on steam
AuditionSeaRhythmModern – AnimeF2Pgames not on steam
Battle for Wesnoth"StrategyFantasy - HighF2Ogames not on steam
Blade & SoulMMOFantasy – Martial ArtsF2Pgames not on steam
Cabal 2MMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
CrossfireMMOFantasy – HighF2Ogames not on steam
CubeworldRPGFantasy – HighF2Ogames not on steam
DDRace NetworkMMO – PlatformerCuteF2Ogames not on steam
DeliantraMMOFantasy – HighF2Ogames not on steam
Dungeons and Dragons OnlineMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Dwarf FortressRPGFantasy – HighF2Ogames not on steam
Escape Velocity NovaActionSci-FiP2Ogames not on steam
Eternal LandsMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Eudemons Godess AwakeningMMOFantasy – AnimeF2Pgames not on steam
Freeciv4XAllF2Ogames not on steam
FUMBBLStrategy – BloodbowlFantasy – HighF2Ogames not on steam
GWENTCCGFantasy - LowF2Pgames not on steam - gwent
Heroes of NewerthMOBAFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
IntruderFPSModern – WarP2Ogames not on steam
Knights of the ChaliceRPGFantasy - HighP2Ogames not on steam - knights of the chalice
Lineage 2 Grand CrusadeMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Magic the GatheringMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
MinecraftSandboxFantasy – LowP2Ogames not on steam
Mission Against TerrorMMO – FPSModern – WarF2Pgames not on steam
Mist Walkers (The Realm Online)MMOFantasy - HighF2Ogames not on steam
NetrekTacticalSci-FiF2Ogames not on steam
OpenTTDTycoonModernF2Ogames not on steam
PandanetGoModernF2Ogames not on steam
PlaychessChessModernF2Ogames not on steam
PokeMMOPokemonFantasy – AnimeF2Ogames not on steam
The Realm OnlineMMOFantasy - HighSUBgames not on steam
Renegade XFPSModern – WarF2Ogames not on steam
RunescapeMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Second LifeMMOModernF2Ogames not on steam
Shores of HazeronMMOSci-FiSUBgames not on steam
Slave of GodAdventureModernF2Ogames not on steam
Solium InfernumStrategyFantasy - HighP2Ogames not on steam - solium infernum
The Spirit Engine 2SidescrollerFantasyF2Ospirit engine 2
Spy Party1v1ModernP2Ogames not on steam
Star CitizenMMOSci-FiSUBgames not on steam
Talisman MMOFantasy – AnimeF2Pgames not on steam
TibiaMMOFantasy – HighF2Pgames not on steam
Total Extreme Wrestling 2005ManagementModernF2Ogames not on steam
VassalBoard Game EmulatorManyF2Ogames not on steam
Vendetta OnlineMMO – SpaceshipSci-FiP2Ogames not on steam
War RockMMO-FPSModernF2P

Why make a list of games not on steam? I’m still bothered by the fact that (apparently) there’s no natural way to find a game like FUMBBL. It’s an open source Bloodbowl client that beats the commerical Bloodbowl games in every way except graphics. It has a mature community and it’s worth knowing about. But it’s opensource so they’ll never release on Steam, never launch a kickstarter and never bother to optimize their SEO. I want to find all the secret games lurking on the internet.


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I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.
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Galp Administrator
I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.
  1. Dave Vraniak 2 years ago

    Fun lil throwback 2d MMORPG, free, not on steam

    • Galp 2 years ago

      Got it – thank you and added.

  2. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Heroes and Generals is on Steam, this is where I play it.

    • Galp 2 years ago

      Hmmm…right you are. Thank you – removed.

  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think you should put release year info there as well, or last updated, or something in that line.

    • Galp 2 years ago

      That’s a good idea. I’ll do release date since hopefully this list will get longer and I won’t be able to check for updates. Thanks

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