37th Week PC VR Review – being a fetus feels a lot like wasting 10 minutes of my life – 32

You know how in some movies or sitcoms anything to do with with women’s inner workings is treated as too gross to talk about around men? The guys literally make puking noises, cover their eyes and leave the room. Don’t confuse my negative reaction to this VR experience for that. 37th Week is just shoddy and I wouldn’t bother complaining if it didn’t ask for $3.

I thought I would experience birth from the point of view of a fetus. The marketing is honest about it being a 7-10 minute movie, not a game and I’m fine with with paying for a well done but short experience.

It’s cool for about a minute, entirely due to the inherent coolness of VR. The graphics are not awesome and I’m not sure fetuses have batman x-ray vision but whatever – you’re floating in a womb and a doctor is prodding your home with an ultrasound wand bathing you in blue light. There’s the obligatory VR floating bits, you can see the heart pumping above you and your strange baby limbs and umbilical cord are trippy.

37th hour pc review - short and shitty
Notice all the awards are for being allowed to enter the film contests, not for actually winning anything.

A retiring doctor (voiced by a very young sounding actress) attends to your mother while prattling with a male colleague. Instead of teaching or interesting they blather about some nonsense to do with comas and teenage pregnancies.

Then weird things start to happen. I’d be fine with the switcheroo, it’s a horror title not an educational one. But the graphics, effects and general art direction are just so laughably bad that any fear is replaced by giggles. You’ll spend the next few minutes wondering what the fuck is happening, then, if you’re wise and not reviewing games on the internet for some reason you’ll use Steam’s refund function and find better use for your time.

Should you buy it?


The Score

I had to check my own review score guidelines to try and score this. 30 is the minimum for something that actually functions, it was cool to float around for a minute so 32.

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I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.

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