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Game TitleGenreSubgenreAdjectiveScoreScreen shot
Alchemic JoustsTower DefenseCombiningUnnecessary50
game review table pc - alchemic jousts
Combining the element mixing fun of Doodle God with a TD sounds great, but the game doesn't make use of all that variety. Basic units are all that's needed to win.
spyparty - game review table
Spy Party is a totally unique concept executed with precision and passion. It has the charm and iconic presence of beloved board games like Cluedo but adds a level of excitement and intensity that you just can't get from any other media format. Watching a friend clumsily bug the ambassador in plain sight never gets old. And seeing the sniper's red dot sight settle on the back of your head never gets any less terrifying.
Dead in VinlandStrategySurvivalUnfair53
pc game review table - dead in vinland
Good storytelling hampered by extremely arbitrary RNG. It frustrates as much as it charms.
Runewards: Strategy Card GameCCGFantasyBland65
runewards review pc - deck building
Runewards suffers from the same issues as many of its contemporaries. However, through this "virtue", it ends up being only slightly worse than many of them. Although a perfectly fine game, it won't hold your attention for long.
Farm Manager Simulator 2018ManagementFarmSedate65
pc game review table - farm manager
It's a really good farm simulator with tons of variety, but without external competition that's still kind of a boring experience.
Finding ParadiseNarrativeRPGEnlightening89
finding paradise review pc - dying patient
Beautiful, well-written and relatable, with a soundtrack that beats the emotions out of you like a tear craving monster. Ignore the RPG Maker roots, it's a superb narrative.
Orwell: Ignorance is StrengthChoice & ConsequenceSurveillanceEngrossing89
orwell ignorance is strength review pc - logging in
This is a fantastic addition to the Orwell story. The game makes you think, and not just because finding and choosing important data is a great puzzle, but because of how it relates to the real world. Orwell is going to make you think, something few games can manage. It cannot be recommended highly enough.
Surviving MarsBuilderColonySingular69
pc game reviews table - surviving mars
A good game for those who enjoy the details of intense micromanagement; a bit sparse for those who don't. It's competent but too singular - a stronger story or interaction with your colonists would have done wonders. As is it grows repetitive before the end.
Production LineEfficiencyCarsAddictive81
production line review pc - feature
Clean UI, lots of incentive to constantly optimize and retool, loads of fun if refining things is your idea of fun.
Epic Car FactoryTycoonCarsSlight63
epic car factory review pc - too much employee scores
It's very lightly about cars. More like a cute, little time management game with a car theme.
symmetry review pc - wining the game
Closer to a very promising tutorial level or demo rather than a full game.
Space TyrantStrategy4XShallow68
Space Tyrant Review PC - Whale
Great atmosphere and humour but ultimately too light-weight to sustain for long
Ash of Gods:RedemptionStrategyNarrativeLaborious57
Gorgeous animation and a perfect soundtrack don't come close to compensating for the mountains of horrible text.
My Lovely DaughterNarrativeSimulationUnsettling70
my lovely daughter review pc - header
Deeply unsettling and sad. The emotional weight runs out and turns in micromanagement before the end though.
Kingdom Come DeliveranceRPGOpenworldLush84
kingdom come deliverance review pc fist fight mini game
Not as realistic as it thinks it is, but the world is lush with great mechanics and tons to do.
The Long ReachAdventurePoint & ClickMisguided52
Tries to be edgy but instead just has bad writing, any brilliance is quickly overshadowed by nonsense.
insidia review pc - champions
A little finicky but has tons of great tactical decisions and fun hero mechanics for a lot of flexibility.
Meant as an entry into TBS games. Instead it's just boring.
Ghost of a TaleAdventureActionEnchanting85
A grand, beautiful narrative slightly hampered by too much repetitive walking.
city state review pc - fawq city
To succeed you have to ignore what you know of the real world in this light political sim.
Dominions 5: Warrios of FaithStrategyGrandSprawling85
dominions 5 review pc - feature
Focused on war but so very detailed with so much to do and optimize.
Where the Water Tastes Like WineAdventureNarrativeLiterary77
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine PC Review - Art
Uses wonderfully written stories as it's game mechanic.
Remothered: Tormented FathersHorrorActionMurky63
Remothered: Tormented Fathers (PC) - rosemary
Good story but murky gameplay leeches the scares out and turns frustrating.
Fear Effect: SednaActionStealthMeh43
Underneath the pretty visuals, Fear Effect: Sedna is not a good game. The included systems all sound intriguing but in practice do little more than aggravate.
The Bonfire: Forsaken LandsStrategyBuilderCasual70
bonfire forsaken lands murder squad
Pretty basic but still engaging because of all the new little bits it doles out over its short playtime.
subnautica pc game review - high tech
Beautiful, well paced and absolutely full of wonder. Story could be better but the emergent stuff is so good it doesn't matter.
Verdant SkiesSimulationFarmingSocial64
width="300" height="169" class="size-medium wp-image-11611" /> Great social, customization and writing but uneven and more social sim than farming sim.
Into the BreachStrategyTacticalBrilliant91
Into The Breach PC Review
Brilliantly redefines typical gaming priorities with huge tactical variety.
Legendary GarryAdventureStrategyCreative82
So many superlatives that it doesn't matter some parts are off. Lovely trip into a creative person's brain.
Hex Commander: Fantasy WarsStrategyTacticalGeneric65
hex commander review pc - feature image
Boring with obnoxious P2W scheme that ruins multiplayer. Could have been decent.
Avernum 3: Ruined WorldsRPGOldschoolLaborious68
Very old school RPG remade without much improvement. Nice story but poor roleplaying and a cludgy UI.
All Walls Must FallStrategyRoguelikeStylish68
all walls must fall - disco
Visually inventive, failed masterpiece. Only the combat is confident. Close.
Not enough customization or characterization and the campaign is short. But the combat is great.
A solid, refined roguelike that does all the basics right. A pleasure to kill things one square at a time.
Future UnfoldingAdventureExplorationBeautiful68
future unfolding review pc - animal encounters
Gorgeous, atmospheric exploration adventure/puzzler that gets repetitive and stale far too quickly.
ironbound review pc - shield
Extremely pay2win and lacking in almost all the deckbuilding fun that should be part of any CCG.
The MimicPlatformerPuzzleOriginal70
the mimic review pc - early level
Decent platformer/puzzler, heavy on the puzzle and with one unique mechanic.
Eselmir and the Five Magical GiftsAdventurePoint & ClickLorelicious82
eselmir and the five magical gifts pc review - dead dragon in forest
If you love interesting lore and puzzles, this is a hand-made gem.
Attack of the EarthlingsStrategyTacticsFunny77
Funny, mechanically good but a bit easy and too short. Great for a couple of evenings.
The Mind's EclipseAdventureCYOAStriking90
Brilliantly written, story driven game dealing with heavy sci-fi issues. Great.
WulverbladeActionBeatem upBland65
Wulverblade Review Gameplay Sunset
Very stylish but ultimately generic and brings little new to a very stale genre.
Post Human W.A.R.StrategyTacticalFlexible79
Post Human W.A.R (PC) Review
Hidden champion mechanic makes multiplayer great. Campaigns are a bit meh.
IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of StalingardSimulationFlightAccessible82
Best in the series, accessible, detailed - a blast.
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover BlitzSimulationFlightConstraining32
Huge letdown from 1946. Difficulty is rigid, campaign is canned. Poor outing.
IL-2: Sturmovik 1946SimulationFlightDynamic79
Brilliant, dynamic, alternate history campaign. Great difficulty settings let anyone play.
Slay the SpireCCGRoguelikeCrack80
slay the spire
Satisfyingly tactile digital CCG crack. In a roguelike candy shell.
Nantucket review pc - map
Simple but cohesive, compelling, atmospheric and just plain great.
Dungeon Defenders 2ActionRPGPretty79
dungeon defenders ii review pc -
Fun, colorful mush of TD and action, especially in co-op.
Flame of MemorySurvivalCraftingIntense67
flame of memory review pc - atmosphere
Minimalistic, atmospheric survival game about two soldiers trying to survive until morning. Incredibly hard and frustrating.
Battleship LonewolfTower DefenseBullet-hellCumbersome59
Combines TD and bullet hell but misses the things that make either genre fun.
Way of DefectorStrategyBoardgameImpactful69
Difficult, RNG heavy board game about escaping North Korea. Makes you think.
I Fell From GraceAdventurePoint & ClickReactive77
Absolutely brilliant branching story somewhat marred by annoying Adventure game conventions.
Tiny MetalStrategyTacticalRote67
Serviceable, working, by the numbers turn based strategy.
Wonderful number of approaches to each run, lots of customization and great flavor.
Slumlord SimulatorSimulatorPuzzleAmusing60
More puzzle, no actual sim, lots of hard coding but funny and challenging.
Tokaido Game
Great adaptation of a classic but low online populations mean you need physical friends to enjoy.
Tokaido Game
Beautiful, relaxing, short game. Best on a tablet with people to pass to.
Hello NeighborPuzzleStealthBuggy55
Hello Neighbor Review (PC) - cartoonystyle
Opaque puzzles and wonky AI ruin the fun.
The NovelistAdventureStealthIlluminating76
The Novelist review (PC) - Being a ghost life coach 01
Very light stealth, short but impactful story.
Seven: the Days Long GoneStealthRPGClose79
Chunks of brilliance are interrupted by unfair difficulty spikes.
Seven: The Days Long GoneStealthRPGDifficult75
Ambitious, difficult, action stealth game with great narrative and some frustration.
Demons AgeRPGPartyTurd-like40
demons age pc review - nice chattin
Sorely lacking in most things that make an RPG good.
37th HourMovieVRRidiculous32
37th hour pc review - short and shitty
WTF is happening??? Supposed to be horror but just goofy.
Brink of ExtinctionStrategyTower DefensePleasant70
brink of extinction pc review - drone tower
Solid little tower defence. Lots of tower types but no mazing.
pc game reviews
Satisfying in moments but generally uneventful and slightly boring.
This War of Mine: Father's PromiseSurvivalCraftingExploitive70
this war of mine pc review - still good
A short story that doesn't use the game's strengths but still worth it.
TransRoad: USAManagementTruckingTranquil73
A perfectly competent sim with a relaxed pace that models a simple business.
Opus MagnumPuzzlePuzzleSublime80
Tight, polished, open puzzler. Can get fiddly but still sublime.
Martial Arts BrutalityCCGPvPKinetic81
So much violent CCG fun. Lots of depth and not as reflex dependent as you'd think.
elex pc review - just nice
Flawed and sometimes frustrating but an excellent role playing game.
Ogre PC Review - so much clicking
Great core game but too many bugs and inefficient interface weigh it all down.
EMPYRES: Lords of the Sea GatesRPGTacticalSetting70
pc game reviews
Great setting and good writing hampered by a sludgy engine and not enough choice or depth.
Niche - a genetics survival gameStrategyPetTurgid62
Niche review - fuck you bird
Lots of slog rewarded by some pleasant relaxation. Not quite worth it.
Ancient FrontierStrategyTacticalSleek75
Ancient Frontier review - combat map
Leisurely pace, stilted acting but very solid hex-based combat.
Monster SlayersCCGRoguelikeAddicitive80
Monster Slayers review - close fight
Ridiculously addictive. Can get repetitive but always sorta fun.
Steam TacticsStrategyTacticalTight71
Not as puzzly as it looks.
Small and pleasant.
Shigatari review - bloody face
Original, difficult and
deep 1v1 samurai combat.
Unravel PC review - snowy level
Oozes charm. Gorgeous. I hate platformers and I liked this.
Age of Fear 3: The LegendStrategyTacticalBoring54
age of fear 3 the legend - units can't move around each other well
Strategy game without the strategy. Too simplified and clunky for much fun.
ICY: Frostbite EditionRPGCYOAInteresting76
Icy Frostbite Edition pc game review - combat screen
Very strange combat system. Good writing, choice & consequence.
Westslingers pc game review - shootout in a saloon
You know the cool end fight in every western?
This is just that minute, over and over. Fun.
Baldur's Gate 1 Enhanced EditionRPGPartySprawling79
Too old to be a AAA, but treat it like an indie and it's a great RPG.
Warfare OnlineStrategyTacticalOut of business82
Warfare online HQ almost destroyed
Quick 1v1 multiplayer action.Not clicky or fast, quite tactical. Loved it.

What the Score Means

90-100: Everyone should buy this game. Young, old, gamer or noob. A game so good it’s worth any investment of time to enjoy. Genre, subject and cost do not matter.

80-89: A superb example of its genre. Anyone with even a passing interest should get it, as should anyone wanting to try a new genre for the first time.

70-79: Solid genre game. Fans of the topic should buy, others can find better examples to start with.

60-69: Decent journeyman game. Has enough positive to waste time with if nothing better is available. Unlikely to draw in non-fans.

50-59: Playable but deficient experience or execution. Might have one or two ideas/mechanics worth exploring but you’ll have to slog through a lot of unfun to get there. For the connoisseurs and the truly bored.

30-49: Just a bad but functional game. Move along.

< 29: Shit.