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Do you prefer that the world only move when you do? Do you spend more time rearranging the perfect deck than actually playing? Here are the best roguelike and CCGs we’ve reviewed since the site started.

#1) Cogmind – endlessly inventive

best roguelike ccg pc games - cogmind

Cogmind has a great variety of components and choice in approach that allows both stealth and combat strategies to be equally viable in completing the game. There is certainly no hand holding and it will require significant investment of time to fully grasp and master the concepts, but Cogmind is ultimately a fantastic rogue-like game. One that takes traditional rogue-like ideas and innovates by introducing things like a living ecosystem of NPCs, the ability to swap graphics between a tile set and ASCII mode on the fly, UI that isn’t new but just hasn’t been utilized in the genre before and many other design intricacies that enrich the experience. Review by Caleb DeLaurentis.

best roguelike games pc - cogmind
Wonderful number of approaches to each run, lots of customization and great flavor.

#2) Martial Arts Brutality – brutally kinetic CCG

best ccg games 2018 pc - martial arts brutality

I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm for Martial Arts Brutality because it happens to check off a bunch of my gaming fetishes. The one part I would normally hate (reflex based minigames) actually improves the game and keeps it always tense and curse-worthy. And it succeeds at making me feel like I’m having a series of final fights from Van Damme movies, which is the greatest gift of all. Review by Galp.

best ccg games pc - martial arts brutality
So much violent CCG fun. Lots of depth and not as reflex dependent as you’d think.

#3) Slay the Spire – cardboard crack

best roguelike pc games - slay the spire
It took me a long, long time after I started playing Slay the Spire to come to my senses and drag myself away from the monitor. This deck builder is elegant, deep and very difficult to put down. I’m still discovering new builds, new synergies, and new foes after my 10th hour with the game, and I can’t see myself quitting any time soon. It’s crack, is what I’m trying to say. I hope you like crack. Review by Nic Reuben.

best ccg games pc - slay the spire
Satisfyingly tactile digital CCG crack. In a roguelike candy shell.

#4 Tangledeep – Lovely way to slay one square at a time

best roguelike ccg - tangledeep

Tangledeep is a solid, refined rogue-like with lovely pixel graphics, great level design, loot and characters. Evolutionary instead of revolutionary; if you still have an urge to kill things in dungeons one square at at time this is a pleasant way to go about satisfying it. Review by Nicole Hunter.

best ccg games - tangledeep
A solid, refined roguelike that does all the basics right. Managed to feel fresh despite the 1000 games I played before it.

#5 Monster Slayers – ridiculously addictive hybrid

best ccg roguelikes - monster slayers header
Monster Slayers is instantly engaging and highly addictive. I’d venture to say anyone who likes games will be hooked. How long the spell holds will vary but I’m sure you’ll get $10 worth. So, an 80. Just good enough to appeal even to people who don’t usually like the genre but still a small game that focuses on one thing (and does it very well). Review by Galp.

best roguelike games - Monster Slayers - close fight
It doesn’t look it but I should have won this fight except I was an over-eager jackass.

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I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.

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