Writers Wanted – Game reviews, guides and articles

We’d like to put out more articles. All we’re looking for is writing ability and a deep understanding of games. We help with the editing and pay for anything we publish. Specifically we’d like more of the following:

Game reviews – our niche is PC, primarily strategy and indie but we spill out into most genres. We’ll take any good writers but are particularly looking for grognards (heavy, turn based war game aficionados) and sports fans.

Game guides – if you can quickly break down game systems and extract original, useful tips, we’d love to add a lot more guides to the site. Many of the games we cover are small, independent games which means your guide could be the first.

Game articles – there’s should be more quality, thought provoking articles around gaming. If you can dissect game design or extract valuable insight from our hobby and articulate it in interesting ways we’re looking for 1500-3000 word thought pieces. No specific limits or editorial slant, just good writing.

Column – have an idea for a recurring column? Pitch it, we’d love to have more regularly scheduled, themed articles.

What we offer

  • US$25 (US$35*) / approx 1500 word article/review
  • interactive, friendly editing that will hopefully improve your writing
  • toxicity free environment

* Pay increases after your 4th published article.


We’re a very relaxed site to write for. There are deadlines only for highly anticipated releases. All other articles and indie reviews are less stringent and there is no weekly quota. We also do not expect any marketing or promoting work. You pitch, write the article, we edit with you and then get it into WordPress.

Games for review are provided through a free key or Steam gift. You must have a Steam account and be able to play games through the platform.


Just send an email to me (Gal), at editor@oldgrizzledgamers.com

Tell me a little about yourself, what you like to play and make sure to include writing samples (attachments or links). It doesn’t matter where or if they were published, they just have to demonstrate your writing ability and understanding of games.

We’re hoping to add 2-4 writers as soon as we can but we’ll make room for more if exceptional talent comes our way.

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I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.
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  • @dimprecursor was that the one where Dany burnt the trucks full of food after worrying about not having enough food to feed her army?
    2 hours ago
  • https://t.co/KfVGwgDVNG
    2 hours ago
  • Moving into my second week of having zero work lined up. I’m unbelievably lucky to do what I do but freelance is so… https://t.co/wBBc8Ur8rb
    2 hours ago
  • RT @yourkyotowife: Last one. Enjoy it, all 10 of you. https://t.co/qpySpPrJN6
    2 hours ago
  • This is a good piece. Also, the phrase “it seemed like a slapdash way of getting two characters from point A to poi… https://t.co/EQbdwVhQfx
    50 mins ago
Galp Administrator
I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.

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