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We are in the very early stages of making a game. The game is designed (with many revisions expected) and initial funding is secure and pre-production is starting. You’ll be part of a small team that will release their first game and then who knows, because this thing is happening! 🙂

Visual Artist (Illustrator)


While there are distinct phases, each requiring extensive art, we’d vastly prefer a single person to work consistently through to game completion. We’re looking for long-term, full-time illustration work for a realistic, fantasy themed game. Art will first be concepting, then static scenes followed by a host of smaller sub-projects detailed below.

Phase 1 – Pre-production

Concepting: The game world is designed in a mechanical sense. Now it needs to come to life. Working closely with the writer you’ll be responsible for setting down both the artistic tone and specifics for the game world. Initial work will revolve around creating a visually interesting, sustainable style. Once set you’ll move onto visually defining key elements of the world (races, architecture, weapons, currency, etc.)

Infrastructure: Certain infrastructure has to be in place to attract further talent and start sharing the game with the world. This phase focuses on game site assets, introductory video, logos and other basics. Strong graphic design skills a plus.

Phase 2 – Game Early Access

Game Art: At the lowest level of funding the game requires extensive static scenes for important CYOA elements as well as general introduction of the world to the players. The character customization also requires initial templates and masters to be set, after which outsourcing for raw assets will be explored with the artist.

UI Elements: Working closely with the lead programmer and designer, the artist will craft as elegant interface elements as possible while always striving for legibility and clearity.

Phase 3 – Release

Marketing: Once the core game is completed and being tested, the artist will produce material necessary for game promotion including animatics, store assets, etc.

Final Art: When testing is complete and all major design elements are set the artist will produce the final art and necessary UI elements to complete the game.


While some technical skills and previous experience is a positive, by far the most important requirement is good artistic ability. You will have tremendous leeway in coming up with both the overall style and specifics however the designer does have definite preferences that should be reflected (realistic over anime, anatomically correct over exaggerated, bold over subtle). Also, the game strongly features racial elements so the ability to produce in multiple distinct styles is required (orc art should look very different from elf art).

Because of the team-oriented nature of making a game, ability to physically work in the Toronto/North York area is a huge positive.


Because we’re looking for a single strong artist to stay throughout the project, finding the right candidate and fit is crucial. Also, because we require art at the earliest stage of pre-production the first phase of employment will be handled as contract work for roughly 120 hours over a three month period. Please contact to discuss rate.

Assuming all parties are satisfied, the next phase will be as full time employee until completion of the game (unless contract is desired by the artist). Pay will be salaried as well as profit sharing.

Apply: editor@oldgrizzledgamers.com

Please include links to your portfolio.

Site Positions

Writer – Grognard


We have a hole in our coverage. We need someone with a deep love for complex, turn based war games who can articulate why those games might or might not be fun for prospective buyers.


Please send 1-3 writing samples to editor@oldgrizzledgamers.com (links or attachments). Reviews for non-strategy games are fine as samples but try to include one that’s in the target genre.


US$25 / review (first four), US$35 / review (eligible for staff after fourth article)

Games are provided through keys or steam gifts.

WordPress Guru


We need to add some site functionality, especially for the game portion of the site and are looking for a general wordpress/web guru comfortable setting up forums, logins & wikis and with time available for weekly work.


You need to know your stuff as I can provide no guidance beyond the desired goal. Please send sample sites you’ve worked on to editor@oldgrizzledgamers.com and explain what your responsibility was.


Let’s discuss – I’m comfortable with hourly, weekly or by the task.

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I want good games to be discovered. Running this website seemed like the most direct way to do that.

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