Getting started

What you should do first:

  1. Edit your user profile in wordpress. This will populate your author card at the bottom of articles.
  2. Friend me on Steam ID: galp
  3. Join the OGGs Discord group
  4. Gain access to the shared Google Drive
  5. Choose a title by reading the choosing a title guidelines. All suggested titles are on the google drive and in the #suggested-games discord channel
  6. Make sure you’ve read the general writing guidelines and the review guidelines
  7. Check if your title is still open using the Games for Review sheet or pitch something new
  8. Let me know your selected title and a rough timeline of when you’ll complete the review
  9. Once I accept you will receive the game on Steam
  10. Play & review. Please use a google doc and write your review in there, you’ll find a folder with your name on it on the shared drive.
  11. Formatting explanation is on the shared google drive
  12. When you finish and edit to the best of your ability let me know
  13. You will receive edits back as suggestions on your google doc
  14. Implement edits (or push back if you disagree) and let me know
  15. I’ll do another pass, generally any remaining edits at this point are very minor and I’ll indicate you’re good to put in WordPress
  16. Transfer to WP, add in images and all other requirements
  17. Change status to “Pending Review” in the top right and let me know
  18. You are free to pick another game at this point without waiting for my edits
  19. I will do an edit and either schedule or let you know if any corrections are necessary
  20. Once published you should do your steam review linking to the article