You have leeway when choosing a game so pick something you want to play. Reviews written by non-target audience are off putting and unfair to the developer.

General Criteria

We’re looking for games that might be good but are unlikely to be covered by mainstream media.

Steam reviews

The number of Steam reviews is a good indicator of popularity.

  • < 20 – potentially our best target (hidden gems)
  • 20-100 – could use some attention
  • 101 – 1000 – might consider if firmly within our niche
  • 1000+ – only if it’s a classic within our niche


While there are exceptions price is a good indicator of quality. Games with a non discounted price:

  • under $5 are unlikely to be full or good enough for what we want to cover.
  • over $50 tend to be AAA and come with sufficient marketing to not need our efforts.
  • between $17-$35 seem to be the sweet spot for finding high quality indie games with significant content


In order of preference:

  • Strategy (Civilization, Total War)
  • Tactical (X-com, Bloodbowl)
  • RPG (Witcher, Divinity)
  • Builders (Simcity, Rimworld)
  • Sims (Railroad Tycoon, Championship Manager)
  • CCG (Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone)
  • FPS (Battlefront, Wolfenstein)
  • Sports (Madden, NHL)
  • The rest: Action, Fighting, Adventure, Narrative, Sidescrollers
  • Will not cover: “J” anything (JRPG), Clicker, Casual, Ambient, Non-gaming


Games already reviewed by any major site (RPS, IGN, Gamespot)

Games already covered by one large, or several mid-sized Steam Curators



whatsonsteam is a live listing of games released on Steam. Just released games are more valuable for review. If something catches your eye and you have time available immediately please pitch it ASAP.

Use Steam categories

From the Steam store use the “Games” dropdown and choose one of our three categories (Strategy, RPG, Simulation).

Choose from the “New and Trending” or the “New Releases” tabs