I'm a variety streamer at twitch.tv/Cute_Spide, a speedrun enthusiast, and a games critic. I try to experience games on as many different levels as possible and embrace their transformative nature, but at their heart should always be fun. My favorite games ever are the Oddworld games and I love RPGs and adventure games.
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    Hello Neighbor Review (PC): Say nay to the Neighbor

    Jan 1st, 2018 Reviews Amber Hall

    Hello Neighbor is primarily a puzzle game which boasts of minor horror and stealth elements. In premise, these genres should come together nicely. You play as a child who witnesses his next door neighbor possibly committing a murder. Then, I suppose as a nosy child might, you break into his house to discover what the Neighbor is hiding. The goal is to sneak around the Neighbor’s…

    Empires of the Undergrowth Preview (PC): An ant sim you’ll surely dig

    Dec 17th, 2017 Early access Amber Hall

    When I first came across Empires of the Undergrowth, I knew I had to give it a try. My deep love for base building and management games pulled me in but it’s the nature documentary presentation and micro-scale environments that really made me dig deep into this ant colony managing sim. The Game You begin in the formicarium, an ant farm watched over by two scientists….