Owen is a freelance writer from Vancouver, Canada. When he is not consuming all video games in existence, good or bad, he is writing about it with a sincere passion for the art form.

Posts by owshaw:

    Wartile Review (PC): Tabletop Viking Warfare

    Feb 22nd, 2018 Reviews owshaw

    Wartile takes you on a journey through a miniature tabletop world inspired by Norse mythology. You control a Viking warband out to unravel the mysteries of its world and eventually conquer it by acquiring the power of the gods. The game’s hybrid system of cool-down based gameplay suits its board game aesthetic full of beautiful, intricate figurines and maps. The Game Your warband can have…

    Future Unfolding review (PC): Expecting the Unexpected

    Feb 19th, 2018 Reviews owshaw

    Future Unfolding is a top-down adventure game full of puzzles and endless exploration. You drop into being like a dollop of new paint on the world’s canvas and without a tutorial or directives set off into the unknown to unravel the mysteries within. The Game You are a streaking blue humanoid wandering through wooded areas, breezy open fields, and dark caves not really knowing what…

    They Are Billions preview (PC): Population Pending

    Jan 24th, 2018 Early access, Hidden Gems owshaw

    They are Billions is a real-time strategy game set in a world eviscerated by the zombie apocalypse. You are tasked with building and managing a colony containing the last remnants of human civilization. As the game is currently in early access it allows you to explore one particular gameplay mode: Survival. The Game In Survival Mode you fight intermittent waves of increasingly large hordes of…

    Cogmind Review (PC): I, Cogmind

    Jan 8th, 2018 Early access, Hidden Gems owshaw

    You emerge from a scrapyard in a mysterious complex with only your cold metallic skeleton and occasional guidance by a few derelict robots. You are Cogmind – Location: Unknown, Core: Stable, Your Goal: Escape. The Game Cogmind is a sci-fi rogue-like that tasks you with exploring and ultimately escaping its procedurally generated world by building yourself up with scavenged parts to engage or avoid roaming…