Nicole is a video game and pop-culture critic with a lifelong relationship with video games and the weirdness that exists in them and the communities that surround them. She can often be found trying to resist buying that one Steam game on sale or writing.

Posts by Nicole Hunter:

    Tangledeep Review (PC)- Unpolished but Loveable

    Feb 20th, 2018 Hidden Gems Nicole Hunter

    Tangledeep, newly off of Early Access, is a good traditional take on the rogue-like dungeon crawler. Though it doesn’t take huge liberties with the formula, developer Impact Gameworks demonstrates a commendable understanding of what has kept the roguelike alive since the 80’s. A refined return to form You take the role of a redheaded heroine as she delves deep into the living dungeon, Tangleedeep, with…

    My Time at Portia Review – a Charming Mess (PC Early Access)

    Feb 6th, 2018 Early access Nicole Hunter

    My Time at Portia relies on the time old formula of games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and other slow-paced life simulators. You play as the new person in town, who has just returned to Portia to take control of their late Pa’s workshop and restore it to its former glory. To do this you will collect resources, craft items, and fulfill the…

    Life is Feudal MMO preview (PC)- Sometimes charming, mostly a slog

    Jan 25th, 2018 Early access Nicole Hunter

    A Quick Disclosure Life is Feudal MMO is a game meant to be played with friends. In fact, it necessitates that in ways I will discuss. I played Life is Feudal alone. So many of my experiences are driven by me playing in a way that the developers didn’t entirely desire. This said I view playing Life is Feudal MMO with friends like I watching…

    I hate Elder Scrolls and MMOs so why do I like ESO?

    Jan 18th, 2018 Idle Thoughts Nicole Hunter

    Three years ago, after nearly a decade of playing World of Warcraft and a myriad of other MMOs, I finally swore off of them. I had grown tired of the formula. You level up a character, get to the end game and do end-game content until it’s not enough to keep your interest. But I still had great memories from World of Warcraft. I didn’t want…

    Project 5: Sightseer preview (PC): A Sandbox of potential

    Jan 5th, 2018 Early access Nicole Hunter

    Project 5: Sightseer pits the part of me that adores games with depth against the part of me which appreciates simplicity. When I have a game that has many variables and mechanics to keep track of, I tend to appreciate the challenge. Project 5: Sightseer definitely has a lot of mechanics. At the same time, there’s a line between a game which is mechanic-rich and…

    Realms of Magic Preview (PC): A surprisingly playable early alpha

    Dec 13th, 2017 Early access Nicole Hunter

    Realms of Magic is a solid, 2-D sandbox RPG in a traditional fantasy setting. If you’ve played Terraria, Starbound, WindForge, or Planet Centauri you know what to expect – crafting, base building, side-scrolling, okay-ish combat, and survival elements. At first it seems like RoM brings nothing new, dig a little deeper and you’ll find design decisions that make it an ingenuitive addition to the genre….