Nic Reuben likes to pause games every five minutes to ponder the thematic implications of explosive barrel placement. When he's not having an existential crisis over CAPTCHA verifications that ask him to prove he's not a robot, he's reading sci-fi and fantasy short stories, watching cartoons, and mourning the writing standards in Game of Thrones

Posts by Nic Reuben:

    Abandon Ship early access review (PC) – It’ll tide you over

    Feb 21st, 2018 Early access Nic Reuben

    If you’ve read my Nantucket review, you may remember that I used every nautical pun in existence. There are no nautical puns left now, so this piece will be 100% nautical pun free. No nautical puns whatsoever. Completely verboaten. Onward. Cultist Classic Lovecraftian cultists, eh? Just can’t seem to heed basic health and safety advice. Primarily, clear warnings against summoning rituals and strict company policies…

    Attack of the Earthlings review (PC): Game Over, Man

    Feb 8th, 2018 Hidden Gems Nic Reuben

    The cautious bleep of a radar scanner echoes through a cavernous industrial hallway. Gloved hands fumble with a pulse rifle ammo cartridge. Something scutters through the vents above. A scream rings out in the dark. A squad of terrified space marines scatter. All hell breaks loose. This isn’t Aliens, or even one of the many, many games that share it’s lineage. This is Attack of…

    Slay the Spire Preview (PC) – Cardboard Crack

    Jan 31st, 2018 Hidden Gems Nic Reuben

    I’m not quite sure how they did it, but Slay the Spire makes flicking cards at 2D monsters feel as good as letting loose with a flurry of fists in a fighting game. I came to the table expecting tactics, I got tactility on top. There’s usually a trade we make when choosing turn-based over real time. Delayed satisfaction over immediate thrills. The dramatic fist pump when…

    Nantucket review (PC): a fine catch

    Jan 23rd, 2018 Hidden Gems Nic Reuben

    “As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts.” – Moby Dick August 29, 1886. We’d set sail with a hold full of goods bound for far-off Honolulu, and the ocean swell greeted us like the embrace of a familiar lover. It’d been an easy few weeks in the streets…

    Mesozoica preview (PC): Tyrannosaurus? Next.

    Jan 16th, 2018 Early access Nic Reuben

    After my first hour spent playing Squadron Interactive’s Mesozoica, I was just about ready to call it the perfect Jurassic Park game. You might remember the scene from Jurassic Park where Martin Ferrero‘s character – lawyer Donald Gennaro – is plucked from a toilet by a hungry T-Rex and devoured whole. Not once, in the whole of my gaming career, have I encountered a title…

    Tiny Metal review (PC): a little rusty

    Jan 9th, 2018 Reviews Nic Reuben

    In an age of social media, crowdfunding, and hype, it’s often hard to separate our impressions of games from their development processes. As individual works, I believe it’s important to take games on their own merit. But it’s hard to talk about Tiny Metal without thinking of the controversy that arose around development. For an extensive primer on the drama surrounding Tiny Metal, I recommend…

    Tokaido review (PC): Aggressive Zen

    Jan 2nd, 2018 Hidden Gems Nic Reuben

    When you first start up, Tokaido greets you with the tentative swell of Japanese flutes. They linger for a few moments, evoking a musical tradition centuries old; uplifting, folksy, and tranquil. Then, like a thunderclap, an orchestral score bursts to life. It is cacophonous, driven and almost combative, as if spurring you on for some great challenge ahead. This shift of tempo and mood is the perfect…