Nevada (or Nevi) is a UK-based freelance writer. When he's not feeling daunted by the size and scale of his backlog of work and games, he spends his time buried in a good book or playing a board game. Nevada is also one of the co-owners of Bits & Pieces, a non-traditional games website where he hosts a podcast and has a range of, hopefully, interesting articles.

Posts by Nevada Dru:

    Ironbound Review (PC) – Boring money grabbing CCG

    Feb 15th, 2018 Reviews Nevada Dru

    Ironbound, by Secret Level SRL, is a competitive digital card game. If you think of something like Hearthstone, then you are on the right track. Each player embodies one of four character classes: Berserker, Crusader, Assassin or Witch. Each of these has different cards, abilities and styles of play. Ironbound sees you battling your opponent with weapons, spells and trinkets to be the last one…

    Post Human W.A.R Review (PC): Turn-Based Tactical Battles with an Element of Bluffing

    Feb 4th, 2018 Hidden Gems Nevada Dru

    Post Human W.A.R is one of those games that sounds fantastic on paper. Tactical turn-based combat, three distinct campaign modes, lots of humour, and, most importantly, online battles. For the most part Studio Chahut has succeeded in these areas. There aren’t enough games in this genre, and Post Human W.A.R is a welcomed addition. This is a difficult game to recommend for reasons that will…

    Way of Defector Review (PC): Freedom is but a dice roll away

    Jan 11th, 2018 Reviews Nevada Dru

    Way of Defector tasks you with surviving real-life inspired scenarios as you guide a North Korean defector to freedom in South Korea. The choices you make along the way will determine whether you complete this journey unscathed or end up being dragged back to North Korea for some terrible punishment. The first thing that hits you about Way of Defector is what a terrifying experience…