A lifelong gamer and not lifelong web developer based in New York who for a month spent more time in Crusader Kings 2 than in real life.
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Posts by Matt Hung:

    Pit People preview (PC): Chaos is a ladder

    Jan 12th, 2018 Early access Matt Hung

    From it’s first memorable moments, Pit People walks out on stage, fly unzipped, and makes its weird intentions immediately known. That’s no surprise as Pit People is a new offering from the developers of the Xbox Live arcade gem Castle Crashers from back in 2008 and Alien Hominid way back in 2004.  Players acquainted with either of these cult classics will quickly recognize the stylistic…

    Star Traders: Frontiers Preview (PC): Freeze Dried Adventures

    Dec 31st, 2017 Early access Matt Hung

    When you think of commanding a spaceship, do you think about torpedoes or trade law? In space games, one of the most fundamental development decisions is how it defines itself on that scale. Despite what the name would imply, Star Trader Frontiers emphasizes combat over trading. The Game Your captaincy starts out as one might expect, choosing a background, initial stats, faction allegiance, skills and…