Chris McAuley began his writing career reviewing old copies of 2000AD, he quickly progressed to interviewing major alumni of the comic book industry including Pat Mills, Grant Morrison, Glenn Fabry. Writing acclaimed reviews and features on Comic books and videogames, he is also a Test Reader for Millsverse. His background is in theology and it is in this arena which he gained his PHD, believing that story is crucial to human beings and that most modern cultural narrative experiences are driven from the ancient and the mythological. These are the aspects of gaming which Chris gravitates towards - narrative and immersive experience. He is dedicated to exploring and explaining the important aspects of the gameplay experience of the titles he reviews and informing the reader so that they can make the best decision regarding their purchases.

Posts by Dr Chris:

    utomik game service review

    Taking Utomik – the Netflix of games – for a spin

    Feb 14th, 2018 Reviews Chris McAuley

    These days streaming and digital rental services are all the rage. While most of us can name several services which focus on TV or Film, very few could name many which focus on games.  This seems to be an untapped market and is the opportunity that subscription based company Utomik is going after – becoming the Netflix of video games. The service lets you play…

    minds eclipse review pc - feature

    The Mind’s Eclipse Review (PC) – Cyberpunk, Dystopian Adventure

    Feb 7th, 2018 Hidden Gems Chris McAuley

    The Mind’s Eclipse is a Hard Sci-fi fan’s dream. It grapples with questions regarding immortality, artificial intelligence and the moral pitfalls of scientific progress; a sublime visual novel expertly told through harsh images drawn in black and white. The Eclipse is a mystery to solve. The players will uncover it by exploring and searching through data logs, snippets of newspapers and diaries.  I was initially skeptical…

    IL 2-Sturmovik Series Review (PC) – Aerial Genius

    Feb 1st, 2018 Hidden Gems Chris McAuley

    After watching the recent film about the evacuation of British and French soldiers at Dunkirk, I was struck by how important air supremacy in the Second World War was in order for the allies to successfully triumph over the fascist threat sweeping the world. Watching the swooping Spitfires and the intense Dogfights as the airforce desperately attempted to protect the small vessels that Churchill had…

    Flame of Memory Review (PC) – an intense survival simulator

    Jan 16th, 2018 Reviews Chris McAuley

    Flame of Memory approaches the important element of survival in an unusual manner; a survival simulation akin to This War of Mine rather than punching trees and cooking carcasses . You control the actions of two characters and try to help them survive for as long as possible. It can be extremely frustrating because of the emphasis on trial and error when figuring out what…

    Seven: Days Long Gone Review (PC): An exciting cyberpunk fantasy

    Dec 16th, 2017 Hidden Gems Chris McAuley

    Seven: Days Long Gone is one of the most ambitious role playing games of 2017. The title blends Assassin’s Creed with the isometric style of Diablo, crafting it’s own unique look and style of gameplay. The premise is intriguing, set in a futuristic cyberpunk world.  Stylistically it reminded me of the Shadowrun games (both the 16 bit and the modern interpretations by Catalyst Game Labs)….