At 10 years old I played Knights of the Old Republic. I thought I would like to play a Mad Max version of that game and discovered fallout 1 and 2. Shortly after my friends all bought Warcraft 3 and here we are today. I went to the University of Minnesota for computer science. Ended up playing more video games than I was studying for Calculus. I switched over to English, budgeted my video game time a little better, and got my BA.

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    eselmir and the five magical gifts pc review header

    Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts Review (PC): A Game for Lovers of Lore

    Feb 9th, 2018 Hidden Gems Caleb DeLaurentis

    Eselmir and the Five Magical Gifts is a recreation of classic point and click games from the nineties and it remains true to its predecessors, almost to a fault. Its simple and outdated design initially feels like a mistake. Its terrible movement system frustrated me and a lack of explicit “how-to” information made my first steps a bit shaky. However, it didn’t take long before…

    Fade to Silence

    Fade to Silence preview (PC): Uniquely Unoriginal

    Jan 19th, 2018 Early access Caleb DeLaurentis

    Fade to Silence is an early access survival horror game fighting to stand out from the crowd. Its unique world entices you with a Lovecraftian hellscape frozen in a perpetual winter. I was initially pulled in by the novel focus on managing a village along with tower defense mechanics – all while exploring and maintaining the usual slate of needs: hunger, rest, and body temperature….

    i fell from grace - caleb header

    I Fell from Grace Review (PC) – A rhyming adventure game, filled with sorrow and shame

    Jan 10th, 2018 Hidden Gems Caleb DeLaurentis

    I Fell from Grace is a 2D adventure game with one of most fully realized branching stories that I’ve ever played. It presents a wealth of winding paths to be navigated by making meaningful and often disturbing choices. The narrative unfolds into a dark and pessimistic tragedy overrun with uncanny characters. The game flaunts grotesque imagery, in the literary sense, where the human body is…

    Slumlord Simulator review (PC): Less of a Sim, More of a Puzzle

    Jan 3rd, 2018 Reviews Caleb DeLaurentis

    Slumlord Simulator is the anti-Simcity. There are no sprawling metropolises and happiness meters here. Instead a cryptic red bar measures the growing anarchy in your tenements. All while a box displays a thesaurus worth of words to describe each new level of hatred your tenants feel towards you. The goal is to wring as much money out of the people as you can in order…

    Driftland review (PC): An Interesting Early Access Experiment.

    Dec 26th, 2017 Early access Caleb DeLaurentis

    Driftland: The Magic Revival is an exciting start for an early access game. It plays like a mix of RTS and a turn based 4x game that places you in the role of creator of worlds, rather than just an explorer and conqueror. Driftland leans heavily on the mechanic of shaping the map as you discover magical floating islands and move them around to grow…