Arshad is always on the lookout for hidden gems and overlooked games on Steam. He spends more time looking for games than actually playing them. RPGs are his favourite genre, but everything else is fair game as well. After putting the controller down, Arshad spends his time writing about the same games he's played. What has started with a fun hobby, he now pursues his aspirations to become a gaming journalist.

Posts by Arshad Ul Mawla:

    Battleship Lonewolf Review (PC) – Tower defence hell

    Jan 15th, 2018 Reviews Arshad Mawla

    Battleship Lonewolf unites the tower defence and bullet hell genres in a unique fusion. But unique does not always equal good and in this case the novelty comes at the cost of a focused game that knows what it is and sticks with it. Should You Buy It? This one isn’t for everybody. If you were looking for a shooter, then Battleship Lonewolf isn’t the…

    Tokaido review (PC) – A visual feast perfect for game night

    Jan 4th, 2018 Reviews Arshad Mawla

    Tokaido is a digital version of the original board game by Antoine Bauze. The game is named after, and recreates the famous East Sea Road of Japan, the most important of the five routes of the edo period. Tokaido has a very unique set up for a board game. There are no branches. The board is a single linear pathway, with a clear beginning and…