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    Wulverblade Review (PC): Streets of Warg

    Feb 5th, 2018 Reviews Alex Santa Maria

    The state of the beat ‘em up has slowly but surely been changing. More and more devs are modernizing this arcade formula and moving away from its built-in monotony. Leveling systems, alternate weapons, and procedural levels can all be applied to break up the action and give players progression. Wulverblade tries something different, mixing the barbarian murder with history lessons. This combination of schooling and…

    Darwin Project Lobby Gameplay

    The Darwin Project Preview (PC) : Altering The Odds

    Feb 2nd, 2018 Early access Alex Santa Maria

    A lot of folks have compared the explosion of PUBG and its battle royale brethren to the similar changing of the guard a decade ago that came with Call of Duty 4. It’s clear that this new genre is where the wind is blowing when it comes to shooters. PUBG acts as the flagbearer, clearly representative of the era it spawned from. Sporting a visual…