the oggs guyPurpose

For you, the reader, I hope this site provides entertainment, knowledge of worthy games you might have missed and pleasant, game focused discussion.

For developers, this is a fair place to get your game reviewed. We can’t promise a good score but we can promise the game will be played to completion by a reviewer who wants to play your game. We do not assign titles to writers, they choose from your own Steam page.

For other budding writers I hope this could be a place to get started in a new fulfilling career and showcase your talent.


This site is quite young but in my short time running it I’ve noticed a strange symbiotic relationship that is often innocent and convenient but occasionally subversive and it depends on steam keys (free games). Game sites request them and game publishers give them. That’s where it ends for most, some come with strings.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to avoid them entirely. As the number of reviewers climb the raw cost of games becomes high. But for now we buy our own games unless getting a key grants us early access (because timely reviews are worthwhile).

This and the complete lack of ads or affiliate links guarantees our objectivity.


I’m an opinionated guy and there are things happening in the world that elicit strong opinions. This site is confined to games. I think we all need friendly places where the real world won’t intrude.

Age Discrimination

I know part of the site name is “old” but it’s not meant literally.  I’m not really old for life, just for gaming.  Old is more of a philosophy.  We like improvements and shiny things; but have an appreciation for measured, rational, well thought out games.  At least one of our contributors is neither grizzled nor old but she’s discerning like she is.

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